• What makes a plant “easy to love”?

The concept behind this shop is that once you get the hang of taking care one type of plant, you can take care of most of the plants in the shop! Most plants are drought-tolerant and neglect-friendly.

  • What is the best plant for low light?

Definitely go with a snake plant (sansevieria) or a ZZ plant. These plants are often found in offices and corporate environments due to their high tolerance of lack of natural light. Keep in mind, if you have low light, you will also need to water your plants less.

  • Are some plants toxic to animals?

Yes, when ingested, some plants can make your pets ill. This is likely not fatal, but why risk it?
Our plants are marked with “Pet Friendly” stickers. You can check ASPCA for more information.

  • Where is your store?

We are a pop-up shop which means we pop up at local small businesses in the Nashville area. We also can be found at other vendor events. Please see our schedule here:

  • Do you grow these plants yourself?

Each plant is handpicked by Katie from local commercial greenhouses. Greenhouses are highly regulated which means the plants are the healthy, pest-free, and well taken care of in the most ideal conditions. Stock rotates with what looks best at any given time. This means you get greenhouse-quality plants at a fair price.

  • What is your shipping policy? 

We ship exclusively with UPS 2 or 3-day, dependent on location. We typically ship within 1 business day of purchase. If purchase is made on or near a holiday, a special exception will be made and communicated to the customer.