Keeping Your Plants Alive: At The Office

Keeping Your Plants Alive: At The Office

Many people turned to plants in their home during the pandemic. And for good reason.

Research shows that plants, when done right, can improve productivity and happiness in an office.


Choose a plant based on how far you are from a window with natural light. 

When you chose the right plant for your space, you've won 80% of the battle. 


Many commercial offices do not have much natural light.

It's important to note that a typical florescent light bulbs do not carry the same energy as light from the sun. Plants will not get "fed" from florescent or standard lightbulbs. 

Though no plants will thrive with no natural light, there are some plants that will tolerate it. They may not grow much, but they will survive.

The best plants for an office with minimal light are snake plants or ZZ plants. 

Snake plants also come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes.

You could fill your entire office with snake plants without getting bored!


Snake and ZZ Plants can stay very dry. Check them about once a month. When the soil is completely dry, give them a good drink. Then just leave them be! 


Pests like dust.

Since most offices have centralized circulating air, it's important to keep your plants clean.

Simply wipe the leaves with a damp cloth.

This will save you lots of time and energy, rather than trying to treat a pest problem.

Plants bring people happiness. Keeping them in your office can be low-stress with high reward. Enjoy them!
I'm always here to help you in plant parenthood - both at home and at the office! 
- Katie 

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